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Latter-day Saint Stake Sees Historic Division

3,000th Stake is Divided

December is a month of historical events for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Freetown, Sierra Leone.


On December 2, 2012 the 37th stake (group of congregations similar to a dioceses) of the Church in the Africa West Area was established and named Freetown, Sierra Leone Stake. It was also the Church’s 3,000th stake worldwide. Just 5 years later, on December 3, that stake was divided.  Freetown, Sierra Leone East Stake was created and became the 89th stake of the Church in the Africa West Area.

Presiding over the historic conference was Elder Marcus B. Nash, First Counselor in the Africa West Area Presidency. “It is wonderful to join you in the creation of the Freetown Sierra Leone East Stake.” he said. “We are all part of a historic event as this stake is created. Your faith has enabled the Church to grow in this country.”

Elder Nash continued. “Today I invite you to live one commandment you are not currently living —and to do so with patient faith, as did the saints in Mosiah 23. To the degree you live the commandments, you will be blesed by God. You will be blessed spiritually and temporarily, even to the blessing of your nation. Remember to exercise your faith in all things, for God blesses and works with His children according to their faith.”

Kenneth Pambu will serve as President of the Freetown Sierra Leone Stake, with Mark Ngegba as first counselor and Christopher Nyalopo as second counselor. Markus J. Wallace was asked to serve as the Freetown Sierra Leone East Stake President. His first counselor is Sylvanus Smith and Abdulah Samura will serve as second counselor.

‘’Wherever one is asked to serve in this Church, please remember two important things; first, serve the Lord humbly, and second, serve Him with dignity.’’ said President Wallace.  He also encouraged those assembled to strengthen their families, to serve one another, and to develop a love of the scriptures.

President Kenneth Pambu shared his experience on the principle of ‘One Take One’ and building the Church. He said, “I have confidence that God knows what He wants to accomplish. He knows our abilities. He will strengthen the weak, as we strive to serve Him.”

The congregation was full of smiles and happiness as they expressed appreciation, love and support for the calling of their new leaders.

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